NIVIS Solutions

Snowflake Implementation – Leading Consumer Lending Firm

A leading consumer lending organization, operating in multiple states within the contiguous United States, identified a challenge associated with having the capability to report across multiple areas of the business, in a timely and accurate manner.

A Promotions Marketing Fulfillment Specialist

This company wanted to migrate their ETL & data integration processing from one solution to a newer one, and so had an immediate need for custom BI solutions. Intended to serve new, high-volume clients, they required custom reporting and their own internal infrastructure, separate from the databases of smaller clients.

A Major Domestic Foodservice Distributor

Compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act motivated this company to tighten controls on sensitive company data. Consequently, their distribution centers throughout North America needed training in the use of new reporting tools. Staff would have to be prepared both in their usage and in what data could be accessed.

A Global Private Equity Investment Company

At the time they contacted NIVIS, all of the client’s business querying was performed against existing OLAP systems, requiring complex and time-consuming processing that left those systems exposed to compromised performance.

A Fortune 500 Real Estate Investment & Management Company

The company wanted to simplify its IT administrative support burden and lower licensing costs by reducing its dual software platform to a single enterprise BI solution. Their property portfolio managers use these systems to track performance, transactions, commissions, and other data. Also, as a new initiative, they wanted to deploy corporate dashboards.

An Investment and Private Equities Specialist

This startup company needed systems that would enable it to operate in the equity trading industry while avoiding a large broker and operations staff. They wanted not only to integrate their trading, pricing, settlement, and risk analysis systems but also to transmit data to market and banking institutions using their own custom software.

A Fast-Growing Private Student Loan Provider

As a startup, the company sought help in developing a short- and mid-term BI strategy for their information management. This included data warehousing, BI software product adoption, IT resource staffing, and solution deployment.

A Century-Old Investment Management Firm

Our client’s IT organization was not always able to keep up with the demands of the business. Many departments began hiring outside consultants on an individual basis. These disconnected systems lacked a cohesive support mechanism. As a result, the company had little control over content, quality, and maintainability.

Enterprise Data Warehouse for Fluid Motions Industry

The project was a result of a surge in demand for enterprise data from the executive level. The company knew that it needed a central repository for information that encompassed all the data from its locations around the world.

BI Strategy for Emergency Healthcare Company

The company (specializing in emergency care) partners with large medical care providers to build micro emergency rooms that excel in providing exceptional service. The emergency healthcare company’s mission is to provide the best care for its patients and business intelligence (BI) plays a huge role in making this a reality.