NIVIS Solutions

Case Study

A Major Domestic Foodservice Distributor

The Client

A promotions marketing company that provides reward and rebate fulfillment to Fortune 1000 companies.

The Challenge

This company wanted to migrate their ETL & data integration processing from one solution to a newer one, and so had an immediate need for custom BI solutions. Intended to serve new, high-volume clients, they required custom reporting and their own internal infrastructure, separate from the databases of smaller clients.

Existing homegrown solutions could not scale sufficiently. Large retailers provide data in their own formats, so the company would need help with coding to import that data.

To them, a successful migration would have to produce complete custom reporting for a new client on the first day of rollout, with basic information formatted in the way their client wanted to see it, including:

  • Volume of rebates submitted
  • How long it takes to write a check
  • The effectiveness of different rebates for different products and campaigns
  • The number of products sold vs. the number of rebates redeemed
  • How fast rebates are processed per campaign

Other requirements included:

  • Proper reconciliation between financial systems and exception reporting on non-balancing accounts
  • Improve performance monitoring of tools, including notification of failed data transfers
  • The capability to perform year-to-year comparisons on KPI metrics using dashboards

Our Solution

We designed, developed, documented, and deployed new ETL processes, data marts, reports, and dashboards for each new project.

Project Scope

Over an eight-month period, NIVIS team members worked with the client on various projects. Our work served their Finance, Sales, Operations (Call Center), and IT departments.

The technologies used were ETL and data integration solutions, Oracle, and SQL Server.

Dashboard, Performance Mangement & Scorecarding, Business Intelligence and reporting technologies.

The application, backoffice and related technology was Oracle PL/SQL.


The integration tool migration was successful, complete with documentation and transition to the client’s staff.

Data marts developed for new clients and custom reports/scorecards were implemented on schedule for the client to go live. The dashboard proof-of-concept was successful in conveying the feasibility of rollout to future clients.

NIVIS documented all data mart designs, ETL mappings, and process flows and conducted information sessions.

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