NIVIS Solutions

Case Study

A Fortune 500 Real Estate Investment & Management Company

The Client

A Fortune 500 real estate investment & management company.

The Challenge

The company wanted to simplify its IT administrative support burden and lower licensing costs by reducing its dual software platform to a single enterprise BI solution. Their property portfolio managers use these systems to track performance, transactions, commissions, and other data. Also, as a new initiative, they wanted to deploy corporate dashboards.

To support the objective, the tasks were to:

  • Improve availability and accuracy of company data
  • Assimilate a variety of source software packages and operational systems
  • Add a BI portal specifically designed for real estate and financial organizations
  • Integrate the BI and reporting platform with their own custom software systems
  • Implement a geographical security model so authorized resources were seeing only the data they were supposed to see.

Our Solution

Here’s what the technical solution from NIVIS included:

  • Migrating OLAP cubes from PowerPlay to MS Analysis Services
  • Transitioning ETL processing to a new, upgraded solution
  • Migrating all reporting to newer Business Intelligence enterprise platform
  • Identifying key performance indicators and building dashboard metrics and analytics to present them in a time-phased and dimensionally sliced manner


As a result of the migration, the client realized massive reductions in software licensing, hardware, and IT support and administration expenses. Measurable savings were in the six-figure range.

Costs around productivity improvements were also lowered, as automation greatly reduced the effort required to generate information.

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