NIVIS Solutions

Case Study

An Investment and Private Equities Specialist

The Client

A young investment and private equities specialist dealing specifically in mortgage-backed securities.

The Challenge

This startup company needed systems that would enable it to operate in the equity trading industry while avoiding a large broker and operations staff.

They wanted not only to integrate their trading, pricing, settlement, and risk analysis systems but also to transmit data to market and banking institutions using their own custom software.

Without fully automated systems, the sheer volume of data would have been impossible for our client to manage and thus made it impossible for them to open for business. The stakes were high, and the project risks were significant.

Our Solution

Using ETL (Extract, Transfer, and Load) and integration tools, NIVIS developed a unique way of connecting diverse source systems.

Such a project has its own set of unusual problems that require unique and creative solutions. For example, we implemented reporting and analysis tools to gauge the effectiveness of the systems and evaluate performance of the trading operation.

Project Scope

The project engaged a NIVIS team during a 9-month period. For the last 2 months, after completion of the development phase, the team was halved to complete the remaining analytic work, system maintenance, and coaching/transition.

The technologies used on this project included ETL & integration tools, Automate, PGP, SQL Server, and report development and metadata management studios.

NIVIS also instituted processes for change of scope/functionality, test scenarios, and auditing of all software outputs. We coached the client’s staff on development and maintenance of ETL jobs and submitted full documentation with process flows and data mappings.


Our client was able to open and begin trading on time, with all systems operating as intended in the fault-intolerant industry of equity trading.

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